My summer internship at NEC Laboratories America starts from this week! This year’s internship is going to be another exciting experience – I have realized that only “real” and “big” stuff can make me feel excited.

Back to the summer of 2012, I was working on some OS performance stuff with the Software Analytics Group at Microsoft Research Asia. That experience was so memorable – I had a good chance to understand what could happen inside an operating system to slow down the whole ecosystem, which includes the operating system itself as well as the applications running on it. By analyzing large-scale real runtime data, I was able to acquire some valuable knowledge of OS performance, and to know what kind of research was attractive to people in industrial labs – I will use another post to discuss.

Let’s see what will happen this year – we are going to start another “real” and “big” project. Allow me to keep it a little bit mysterious for now, in the Cloud.