I haven’t got time to update this site for a long time, because of the busy work with NEC Labs, and the recent paper submission to USENIX ATC’15 (reviewers, don’t be too harsh…). Now it’s time to reflect, and plan for the future.

Looking back on my experiences in the past one year and a half, one of my major achievements was to have successfully registered my car with three states: North Carolina, Illinois, and New Jersey! I left North Carolina in August 2013, and stayed at University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign from September to May 2014, then worked at NEC Labs in New Jersey from May to December, finally returned to North Carolina in January 2015. What a roving life!

I really appreciate those experiences, which have given me a clear mind on what I should pursue, what person I am willing to become, as well as some important counterparts, such as what person I should never become. There were successes and failures, up and down, all strengthening my determination of being a successful PhD. I promise to present memoirs discussing details of those experiences later, probably when I graduate (“Memoirs, alas, are an occupational hazard” – “Sir Humphrey Appleby”).

Anyway, a new journey has started. Once again I can work with passionate people on such a beautiful campus of NC State.

A takeaway for myself, and for anyone who is reading this post: always remember to work with right people, and look forward to a fruitful future.