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The Computer Security Department of NEC Labs America in Princeton has multiple spring/summer internship openings in the areas of security, applied machine learning/data science and systems. The current focus is on applying AI and machine learning methods for important security problems such as Advanced Persistent Threats (APTs) in large enterprises, AI-driven software reputation analysis, Internet of Things
(IoT) security, e.g., connected car security. You may have heard about the sophisticated cyber-attacks against Target and Equifax, and large scale IoT malware such as VPNFilter. Are you interested in coming up with ideas and building solutions to defend against those attacks and to make the world a safer place? Come join us for an internship!

We emphasize solving real-world problems and making real-world impact, as well as publishing in top-tier conferences. Internships typically produce high quality publications, patents, and the implementation of a research prototype. Previous intern works have been incorporated into NEC product prototypes. Since 2018, our intern works have resulted in 11 publications in top security conferences such as USENIX Security, ACM CCS, NDSS, top AI/ML conferences such as ACM KDD, ACM CIKM, SDM, and top systems conferences such as USENIX ATC, etc.


Candidates should be pursuing a PhD or be engaged in active research and have strong system design and building skills. We have multiple intern positions that cover a diverse set of research directions. Previous hands-on experience on any of the following topics is a plus:
• Machine learning and data mining knowledge, especially deep learning, sequential models such as LSTM, graph mining, or natural language processing • Attack forensics, causality/dependence analysis on forensic graph • IoT, embedded system, ICS, SCADA, automotive, critical infrastructure security • Experience with network traffic analysis with payload, protocol analysis, and intrusion detection systems such as Bro or Suricata • Real-time streaming processing and security analytics in big-data context • Recent hardware features such as Intel SGX, Intel PT, ARM TrustZone, Intel TEE • Experience with Windows kernel driver and kernel code programming • Software protection and anti-analysis techniques • Real-world hacking/pen test experiences, such as experiences with metasploit • Big-data storage/database systems, data management and data engineering • Static/dynamic program analysis and domain specific language design • Strong system building skills

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